iolloi universal dimmer W05U front view with panel
iolloi universal dimmer W05U rear view with panel
iolloi universal dimmer W05U part liste and exploded picture
features and operation method of iolloi universal dimmer W05U
iolloi universal dimmer W05U works with LED, HALOGEN and INCANDESCENT
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iolloi Universal-Dimmer LED 3–300 Watt

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  • Soft start - 0.5 S
  • Memory function
  • 0% - 100% dimming range
  • Minimum brightness setting
  • Protection against peak voltage
  • Protected against overload, overheating
  • Suitable for 2-way switching
  • Zero noise and flicker-free dimming
  • Optimal dimmability and light stability
  • Neutral conductor not necessary as there is a two-wire connection
  • Compatible with many brand switches and dimmer switches

Technical details

  • Dimming mode: R.C.L / trailing edge & leading edge
  • Input voltage: 220 ~ 240 V AC, 50 ~ 60 Hz
  • Output power (R.C): 3 to 300 W (LED | halogen lamps | incandescent lamps)
  • Output power (R.L): 3 to 200 W (LED | halogen lamps | incandescent lamps)

scope of delivery

  • 1 × iolloi universal dimmer
  • 1 × washer & nut
  • 1 × two-part; cover with rotary knob
  • 1 × adapter for rotary knobs with 6 mm rotary axis
  • 1 × German manual instruction


  • The maximum load per gear is 300 watts or 18 lamps (whichever is lower).
  • Not suitable for motors, fans and toroidal transformers.
  • Always make sure that the power is completely turned off during installation.
  • If in doubt about the installations, please contact a qualified electrician.
  • More than one dimmer cannot be connected in parallel or in series to control the same load from two different locations.
  • The damage caused by the customer does not provide any warranty service: such as self-repairs, contact with water, damage from abuse, replacement, non-compliance with the product manual.

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